About Me

I am Doro (short for Dorothea). I am a Nutritional Therapy consultant, but first and foremost a foodie. I love food, I love to prepare food, but most of all I love to eat and share with others. Here it comes, though I am a food snob, my eats need to be healthy AND tasty.

I was born and raised in Germany as the youngest of seven, we grew up with a great appreciation for nature. That love for nature translated into a passion for food and cooking, and that is what we do when we get together still.

I am currently living in the US with my husband and two sons. When my kids were little cooking every day became a challenge. I started buying cookbooks and experimented. Cooking became my time to relax and create.

Soon after that, I became sick: mold exposure, chronic Lyme, and more. And my research led me, to FOOD AS MEDICINE. I changed my diet and my energy shifted. I had more energy, my mood lifted, and I had a greater zest for life

I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Consultant with a passion for how food can be medicine. It’s a wonder, how small changes can yield huge results.

It is all about nourishing oneself and your loved ones. I hope this page will inspire you to cook, experiment and learn and spread the joy of food!!

Nourish yourself and heal.