3 colorful juices for a 3 day juice cleanse


Fasting is an efficient way to maintain and clean up our system before it actually breaks down. Using the analogy of a car as an example, we continually maintain a vehicle by updating and tuning its parts. Question is, why don’t we take the same approach with our body to maintain optimum health and performance?

Through my natural curiosity I have explored different types of fasting over the years. My experience with the Master Cleanse which consisted of drinking a specific homemade lemonade type drink for 10 days, to obtain the great benefits of clarity and better sleep, were outweighed by coming off the fast without transitional time. Instead I started eating normally within a day, which made me deal with constipation and a messed up metabolism for quite some time. This, in turn, made me feel like I had lost all what I had worked for. I realized the importance of transitional time before and after leaving the fast is as vital as the fast method itself.



Fasting has been recommended for healing purposes for thousands of years with traditions dating back to the ancient Greeks, ayurvedic medicine and in religious practices. Modern studies show that fasting reduces inflammation in our body and boosts our immune system which helps the healing of multiple diseases or chronic conditions. Since it gives our body a break from digestion it allows time to focus on healing other bodily functions instead.

Digestion is an energy demanding process and steals up to 15% of our daily energy! Certain foods that require more work to break down like meat can take up to 30% of its calories to digest. This slows us down, which you might have noticed sometimes when the ‘food coma’ hits. So imagine what you could feel like if you release this energy to other things!



Since fasting can be a bit daunting I have put together a 3-day juice fast that I strongly recommend to anyone who wants to get into fasting. In total it is more of a 9-day program including enter and exit guidelines to the fast. I offer this shorter format because it’s simple and accessible. Not eating for over a week can be very daunting, but three days most of us can do!

The purpose of a short juice fast like this one is with the intention of giving your body a break, a cleanse and a digestive reset instead of losing weight. The juices mean you will still get a certain amount of calories in your body but the lack of food slows down your digestion and will give your gut time to rest, recover and heal.

Click here to download your 3-day Juice Cleanse copy!



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June 29, 2021


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